Tenex vs. PRP

Chronic tendon pain (tendinopathy) can happen in your elbows (golfers or tennis elbow), knees (patella tendon), shoulders (rotator cuff tendons) and feet (achilles tendon or plantar fascia). Tendinopathy leads to pain with activity and can progress to pain at rest. Tendinopathy can lead to decreased range of motion at the joint and can significantly effect your ability to work or perform basic grooming activites.


Your initial office evaluation may include X-rays to access for arthritis or other causes of joint pain.  Treatment will likely include educating and encouraging you to change or eliminate the painful activities, may recommend bracing, encourage use of ice and/or anti-inflammatories and lastly participating in physical therapy. If your pain is not improving, it may be reasonable to try a cortisone injection, however in my clinical practice I don't generally recommend cortisone for tendinopathy.  


If you still have pain after trying the conservative measures above it may be time to discuss Tenex or PRP (platelet rich plasma) injection(s).



Using the Tenex Health system, an ultrasound is used to guide the TX MicroTip needle to remove the diseased tendon.



After a standard blood draw, your blood is spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelet rich plasma which is then injected, under ultrasound guidance into the diseased tendon.

Learn more about PRP treatment from Dr. Dunbar here: What is PRP and can it help my pain?

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Dr. Siatta Dunbar

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